Common Species:
Diaphania indica  (Saunder, 1851)
Common Name:
Cucumber moth
Cotton caterpillar
Damaging Stage:
Crops Afected:
Cucurbits, legumes
Characteristics Damage:
Larvae cause serious damage on fruits by puncturing and feeding on the skin of young fruits.
Feeding result to lace-like patches and skeletonised leaves.
Folded leaves contain mature larvae and pupa in some cases.
Control and Management:
Monitor the area regularly.
Handpick larvae to reduce insect population.
Use microbial insecticides like Bacillus thuringensis (BT) and Nucleopolyhedrosis virus (NPV).
Apply insecticides such as cypermethrin (e.g. Cymbush®), methomyl (e.g. Lannate®) and fipronil (e.g. Ascend®) when necessary.