Common Species:
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata
Common Name:
Hadda beetle
Damaging Stage:
Larvae and adults
Crops Afected:
Solanaceous, cucurbits, brassicas, legumes, papaya
Characteristics Damage:
Initial damage due to feeding appears as light dots on the leaves.
Control and Management:
Monitor the area regularly.
Prune heavily infested leaves and dispose properly.
Use natural enemies-predators such as sixspotted thrips (Scolothrips sexmaculatus), spider mite destroyer lady beetle (Stethorus picipes),  minute pirate bugsbigeyed bugs, and lacewing larvae.
Spray botanical insecticides such as neem, hot pepper and kakawate extracts.
Apply insecticides such as abamectin (e.g. Agrimek®, Romektin®), formethanate HCL (e.g. Dicarsol®), methiocarb (e.g. Mesurol®) and diazinon (e.g. Parapest®) whenever necessary.