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Causal Agent: 

Virus (Sugarcane Mosaic Virus)

Characteristic Symptoms:
Infected plants show mosaic pattern in the leaves consisting of broken linear stripes between the veins, necrosis or ring spots.
Stunting of plants will occur most often.
Conditions for Disease Development:
The disease is transmitted mechanically, by corn aphids and by seeds.
Johnson grass, sorghum and sugarcane are the major perennial hosts of the virus.
Management and Control:
Use of resistant varieties, if available.
Remove infected plants as early as symptoms are observed to minimize spread.
Use reflective mulches to minimize aphid populations.
Eradicate weed hosts.
Control aphid population by spraying insecticides such as methomyl (e.g. Lannate®, Wildkid®, Scorpio®), thiomethoxam (e.g. Actara®), acephate (e.g.Acetam®, Compete®), chlorphenapyr (e.g. Kotasu®), penthoate (Pennant®, Videx®) or thiamethoxam+chlorantraniliprole (e.g. Voliam Flexi®).


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