Causal Agent: 

Virus (Melon Yellow Spot Virus)

Characteristic Symptoms:

Symptoms include numerous yellow, necrotic leaf spots in melon leaves.

The virus is transmitted by thrips, Thrips palmi in a persistent manner.
Management and Control:
Use resistant varieties, if available.
Monitor the area regularly.
Use yellow sticky traps to reduce population.
Deep plowing and harrowing to minimize pupation in the soil.
Remove weeds that serve as alternate hosts.
Remove volunteer and weedy crucifers that may serve as alternate hosts for the pathogen.
Spray insecticides such as abamectin (e.g Agrimek®), dimethoate (e.g. Perfekthion®), phenthoate (e.g. Pennant®), cyhalothrin (e.g. Broadan®), chlorfyrifos (e.g. Broadan®), λ-cyhalotrin (e.g. Bida®) methiocarb (e.g. Mesurol®), profenofos (e.g. Selecron®, Kilabot®, Alika®), cypermethrin (e.g. Cymbush®, Express®) and acephate (e.g. Acetam®, Compete®).


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