Causal Agent: 


Characteristic Symptoms:
Leaves of affected plants are small and have spoon-like appearance.
The disease is transmitted from plant to plant by leafhoppers/plant hoppers. It can be transmitted on a healthy plant 10-45 days after the insect has fed on the infected plant.
Management and Control:
Use clean propagative materials.
Spray with insecticides (BMPC, e.g. Hopkill®; buprofesin, e.g. Applaud®; cartap hydrochloride, e.g. Padan®; chlorpyrifos+BMPC, e.g. Brodan®) to control vector population and deltamethrin (e.g. Decis®, DecideⓇ, ScoutⓇ, Agro DeltametrinⓇ)
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