Causal Agent: 

Fungus (Phoma cucurbitacearum)

Characteristic Symptoms:

Leaves of melon first exhibit water-soaked lesion on the leaf margin which later become wedge-shaped.

Infected melon stems first show water-soaked lesions. Later, lesions turn tan with numerous black pycnidia. Cracking of infected stem sometimes occur.
Conditions for Disease Development
Optimum temperatures for infection are 25-32ºC but moisture is more important for disease development than temperature.
The gummy stem blight fungus is both seed- and soil-borne.
Management and Control:
Use disease-free seed.
Maintain good field sanitation (e.g. remove & burn affected plant/plant parts).
Crop rotate with non-host crops for at least 18 months.

Apply fungicides such as  pyraclostrobin+dimetomorph (e.g. Cabrio Team®), thiophanate methyl (e.g. Tango®, Topsin®) or metalaxyl+mancozeb (e.g. Ridomil®),carbendazim ( (Bavistin 50 DFⓇ, Goldazim 500 SSⓇ, Minx 500 SCⓇ, SuperdazimⓇ, Avert 50 WPⓇ, BiostinⓇ), difenoconazole (e.g. ScoreⓇ, MontanaⓇ, PursueⓇ, BashⓇ), Difenoconazole+proficonazole (e.g. ArmureⓇ), Pyraclostrobin (e.g. Cabrio 25 ECⓇ).




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