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Causal Agent: 

Bacterium(Erwinia papayae)


Characteristic Symptoms:
Yellowing and necrosis along leaf edges followed by water-soaked areas on the bases of leaf stalks, crowns and along leaf midribs.
Dark spot lesion on fruit and water-soaked flesh.
Bending of water-soaked leaf stalks, leading to die-back and death of the plant.
Management and Control:
Maintain good field sanitation (i.e., remove infected plants/plant parts as soon as initial symptoms are observed).
Avoid prolonged moisture.
Spray with copper-based fungicides (e.g. Cupravit®, Super BlueⓇ, Vitigran blueⓇ, FunguranⓇ, KocideⓇ, Hydroxide superⓇ) at 14 days interval.
Use resistant/tolerant varieties, if available.

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