Causal Agent: 

Oomycete (Phytium spp.)

Characteristic Symptoms:

Damping-off may occur before or after seedlings emerge from the soil.

In pre-emergence damping-off, the pathogen infects seeds as they germinate causing  seed rot.
In post-emergence damping-off, the fungus infects roots and stems of the seedlings near the soil surface resulting in water-soaked stems that usually collapse.
Conditions for Disease Development
Heavy, wet soils tend to have more problems with this disease than lighter, well-drained soils.

Excess nitrogen can increase the incidence of disease.

Management and Control:
Use fungicide-coated seeds.
Disinfect seedling trays with household bleach before using.
Use sterilized sowing and potting media.
Irrigate the seedlings only in the morning.
Disinfection of tools and equipment after use
Avoid excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizer.
Expose beds to solar radiation to minimize fungal population.

Apply fungicide such as  propamocarb hydrochloride(e.g. Proplant®, Previcur®) or fosetyl aluminum (e.g. AlietteⓇ).



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