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Aulacophora indica (Gmelin, 1790)
Common name:
Squash beetle
Damaging stage:
Crops Affected:
Characteristic Damage:
Attacks flowers, fruits, stem and leaves.
Damage is more evident on the leaves, adult beetles feed on a circular pattern creating the characteristic circular holes on the leaves.
Severe infestation leads to defoliation.
Management and Control:
Monitor the area regularly.
Plow and harrow the field to destroy and minimize pupation in the soil.
Apply insecticides such as carbaryl (e.g. Sevin®, Chopper 85S, Quadro 85 WP, Transocarb 85 WP, Zacarb 85 WP), cartap hydrochloride (e.g.  PadanⓇ, Barena 50 SP, Gemtrak®), lambda-Cyhalothrin (BidaⓇ, KarateⓇ, DescarteⓇ), cypermethrin (e.g. BushwackⓇ, MagnumⓇ, Cymbush 5ECⓇ) deltamethrin (e.g. Decis®, DecideⓇ, ScoutⓇ, Agro DeltametrinⓇ).


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