Causal Agent: 

Comovirus (Cowpea mosaic virus )

Characteristic Symptoms:
Leaves and pods of infected plants show mosaic, blisters and severe deformation
Plants infected at early stage become stunted and leaves defoliate
Transmission and Spread:
The virus is transmitted mechanically and by beetles.
The virus is seed transmitted.
Management and Control:
Use virus-free seeds.
Use resistant varieties, if available.
Disinfect tools and farm implements with chlorine before moving from diseased areas to healthy areas

Remove infected plants as early as symptoms are observed to minimize spread.

Remove weeds that serve as alternate hosts.
Control beetle population by spraying insecticides such as imidacloprid (e.g. ConfidorⓇ), lambda-cyhalothrin (KarateⓇ, ForceⓇ), azadirachtin (neem), cartap hydrochloride (e.g.  PadanⓇ, Barena 50 SP, Gemtrak®), acetamiprid (e.g. MospilanⓇ), acephate (e.g. AcetamⓇ, CompeteⓇ), chlorphenapyr (e.g. Kotetsu) or penthoate (e.g. PennantⓇ, VidexⓇ).  

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