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Causal Agent: 


Characteristic Symptoms:
The characteristic symptom of buggy-whip is the slight or complete fusion of the upper part of the plant into a tight tube that encloses the upper leaves and tassel. The tube develops above the soil line and is composed of thick, heavily lignified tissues that resemble a buggy whip or an onion leaf.
Conditions for Disease Development:
Buggy-whip may be caused by some volatile herbicides e.g. 2,4-D.
Certain hybrids may be affected severely with this disorder particularly under warm growing conditions.
Management and Control:
Use varieties with good seeds.
Use herbicides that are less volatile.
Apply herbicide in accordance with label instructions.

Avoid spraying of herbicide on extremely windy conditions.

Avoid pesticide applications when plants are under water stress.
Apply herbicide at proper time, rate and using the right application techniques.  

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