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Causal Agent: 

Fungus (Colletotrichum sp.)


Characteristic Symptoms:
Small water-soaked spots on ripening fruit.
Spots become sunken, turn brown or black and may enlarge to 5 cm in diameter.
The pathogen may produce salmon pink or black mass of spores in the middle of older spots and can grow into the fruit, resulting in softening of the tissue.
Conditions for Disease Development:
The pathogen survives between crops on infected plant residue or infected volunteer plants and can be carried on seed harvested from infected fruit.
Conidia/spores produced on foliage are disseminated by wind, rain splashes, tools/implements and field workers.
Humid, rainy weather favours infection.
Management and Control:
Maintain good field sanitation (i.e. early removal of infected fruits).
Avoid prolonged moisture.
Use pathogen-free/certified seeds.
Spray with chemical fungicides like difenoconazole (e.g. ScoreⓇ, MontanaⓇ, PursueⓇ, BashⓇ), difenoconazole+proficonazole (e.g. ArmureⓇ), Pyraclostrobin (e.g. Cabrio 25 ECⓇ),  Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713 (e.g. Serenade®, Virtuoso®) metalaxyl+mancozeb (e.g. Ridomil Gold MZ 68 WGⓇ, Apron XL 350 ESⓇ) and azoxystrobin (Amistar®, MiradorⓇ, RobatoⓇ) at the beginning of fruit set and continue at appropriate intervals while plants are producing fruits

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